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Mugs are very personal.   They are held close, caressed by your hands and touched to sensitive lips. A comfortable mug is like a good friend. They can give you warmth from a hot chocolate on a cold winters day, wake you up with freshly brewed coffee or soothe you with a calming tea.

Each Studio 55 mug is hand thrown, so they develop their own character and will vary slightly in size and shape. They are well balanced with large solid handles that you can  get you hand into. No extended pinky required. The lip of each mug is smooth and slightly flared to make drinking very comfortable.  

Hand-made items seem infused with a life that can't be reproduced by a mere machine. 


: Large mugs are approximately 5.25" inches tall and 3.5" in diameter. ( 14cm x 9cm )






$34.99 each


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Large Mug  

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                                                   All Studio 55 pottery is hand crafted from the finest North American stoneware clays.  Our glazes are lead free and fired to extreme                   temperatures to ensure our products are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.